The Dos and Don’ts of Bathroom Upgrading

A bathroom remodel which is professionally done will give you years of comfort and pleasure. However, if you are an amateur who wants to do your own bathroom upgrade you better think twice. A bathroom is a tricky space, so an upgrade should be done by a professional who is best in bathroom remodel in Irvine. To keep your project on track, you should set a budget and a plan. When you invest in a home remodeling project, make sure that the result will please you and also adds a home value. The following are the dos and don’ts of bathroom upgrading you should know about.  

Bathroom Upgrading


Budget for the Unexpected 

Before you start on the project, you should write a detailed budget for everything plus some unexpected expenses you might encounter. This is to ensure that whatever problems you might have, you have a budget for it. There are hidden issues like running toilet, leaky shower, spongy floor and other signs of water damage. Include them in your budget.  

Do Not: 

Rush the Process 

No you have ideas of upgrading your bathroom and you are committed to it, do not rush the process. Other people want it done by tomorrow. Poor planning and execution is one of the causes of cost overruns in home remodeling projects. If the project is poorly done because you want to rush it, you might spend twice because of the issues that might arise in the future.  


Hide the Toilet 

When planning for the toilet design, put the toilet in its own room or behind a half wall to hide the fixture away. Your bathroom is going to be stylish and functional and discreet at the same time. A dresser or an armoire is a great piece of furniture that will create a barrier to hide the toilet.  

Do Not: 

Skimp on Skilled Labor 

In this generation, a do-it-yourself approach is done by homeowners to trim the costs. However if you’re an amateur, it’s best for you to focus on the front and back of the upgrade project like handling finish pai8nting, ripping out old tub and other easy tasks. The installation of plumbing and shower system should be done by professionals. If you want to cut some costs, you can hire a general contractor to manage operations done by electricians, plumbers, tile setters and more.  


Provide Adequate Ventilation and Light 

A bathroom is a moist area and moisture breeds mildew and mold which take toll on painted surfaces and finishes. To defend this, a bathroom fan should be installed. If the bathroom space is larger, you will need twice as much as ventilation. You can also consider a humid-sending unit that turns on and off depending on the amount of moisture. For the lighting part, different layers of illumination should be brought into the space.  

Do Not: 

Forget About Storage 

A bathroom space should have storage, like drawers or cabinets where you can grab essentials like towels and shampoo. A simple chest or an armoire can handle the essentials and a medicine cabinet is an option where you can store your first-aid essentials.  

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Can You DIY a Stamped Concrete Project? 

Is stamped concrete a DIY project? A stamped concrete is definitely not your regular endeavor no matter how many tasks you may have tried as a DIY weekend warrior. Any professional will say that, it is a project better left to a professional and skilled contractor. Experienced concrete installers know how time-sensitive and difficult a stamped concrete job can be. As a matter of fact, they have also had the luxury of time and sometimes unfortunate situations to learn by experiment and this serious learning curve your budget or you cannot be up for. 

Concrete Project

Why is a stamped concrete a project only for professional and experienced contractors? 

Five Main Reasons Why a Stamped Concrete Project is Definitely Not a DIY Project 

The following are some of the five primary reasons why a stamped concrete may be a very difficult task for a DIY person: 

  • Concrete is very unforgiving and sensitive. If you mess that up, it will not be a quick fix for you.
  • You only have one chance to make it right. Once you already placed the concrete on the surface, there is no starting over except you plan to rip it out.
  • You cannot leave the project and accomplish it later. Once you start the concrete project to cure, you need to finish it or there is no turning back.
  • It can be costly in terms of purchasing stamping materials for just one project.
  • Most short tutorials found on the net make stamping appear to be simple. They basically do not cover all the things which may go the other way that professional and experienced installers already know.

Should You DIY Stamped Concrete Projects? 

The answer will be no. In fact, one of the major reasons why you have to leave this kind of complicated job to the hands of professionals is the fact that you only have a single chance to get things right. In fact, concrete flooring, especially stamped concrete ones, is very expensive as well as unforgiving when talking about its materials as well as the time that you have to invest. Also, unlike any electrical work, carpentry or plumbing, stamped concrete projects do not come apart as well as can’t come back the next in order to accomplish it the moment you lose your time and patience. 

Reasons Why Concrete Stamping Project Is Not Always for DIY Enthusiasts 

There are actually too many factors that make projects about stamped concrete better left to professional and expert stamped concrete professionals. The most common as well as obvious reason is simply the concrete placement fundamentals on a certain surface that is an art. Certainly, proper concrete placement begins with correct sub base preparation, which usually includes about 2 to 4 inches of sub base and stone materials that need to be compacted accordingly. Due to these complexities, it is highly advised by experts that you only hire a professional for your stamped concrete or decorative concrete in Kansas. 

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Tree Care Tips and Techniques

Caring for trees is not an easy task. If you have plans on installing a landscape on your yard, you have to start at the most basic things first, like choosing the healthy trees for different purposes. After that, you will proceed to the process of taking care of the trees. In this article, will show you how it’s done.  

Tree Care Tips

Step 1: Finding and Choosing the Tree 

Properly taking care of the tree will begin at selection of the trees you’re going to plant. Planting them at the right place would also matter. The first thing to consider is where to plant them. It’s not ideal to plant large trees near or under the utility lines. 

Short trees should be planted near those lines, and the large ones is recommended to be planted on the west, southwest and southeast so cooling shade is provided. The other factors you should consider are the hardiness zone, purpose of planting, soil conditions and sun exposure.  

Step 2: How to Select a Healthy Tree 

Once the trees are delivered to you, check them before planting. You should also be able to identify them. The bare root trees have numbers and fibrous small roots. The sign that they are healthy are their roots are in good color; the roots are equal to stem length and are also moist.  

The B&B or Balled and Burlapped tree should be firm when you touch it, and the root ball is adequate for the size of the tree. Carry the plant by the soil ball and not by the stems or trunk. Upon delivery, if the tree has broken ball, don’t accept it.  

Lastly, if the tree is containerized or potted, the roots should be pruned cleanly and the roots and soil are joined tightly. The plants should not be root bound. Once you decide to plant the trees, make sure you remove the pot or basket.  

Step 3: Watering the Tree 

One of the key parts of caring for the tree is how you water it. It is challenging to recommend the exact amount since the climate varies, but we’ll still show you some few tips. First, if the tree is newly planted, water the tree after you plant it. During the first 2 years of the tree’s life, cover the soil with mulch and water it. The tree would still struggle with the drought and heat, since it’s still going to make some adjustments.  

The general rule when it comes to watering is to keep the soil moist. To check it, just insert a garden trowel in the ground then use your fingers to touch the soil. If the soil is moist, then it doesn’t need additional water.  

Step 4: When to Prune 

The common practice when it comes to pruning is to do it during the dormancy of the trees. Doing such would result to new growth in the spring. If you want to “dwarf” the tree’s development, then prune once the seasonal growth is complete. If you want to improve the flowering of the tree, prune when the flowers fade.   

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7 Common Oral Infections

Taking care of our mouth is not super complicated to do. All it takes is brushing, flossing and going to the dentist regularly. However, no matter what precautions and cleaning we do, there are still oral bacteria that might infect our mouths. Such oral bacteria can infect both adults and children. Most of these bacteria can be prevented and might only last for a few days. There are also conditions that are advanced and might last for a long time. If you experience such, look for St Catharines denture center near me and visit such clinics.  

Oral Infections


Gingivitis is a term for early gum disease. This is a type of bacteria that settles in the crevices of the gum that produces toxins overtime. Once the gums are infected with these toxins, it will cause swelling and inflammation. This is the reason why a gum bleeds when you brush your teeth. If gingivitis is left untreated, it will lead to periodontal disease which is already irreversible. This bacterial too can cause pneumonia once breathed into the lungs.  

Periodontal Disease 

This is the worst stage of gingivitis disease. Once gingivitis spreads below the gumline, it affects the supporting tissues and bones. This will lead to periodontal disease. The pockets around a tooth will give up due to bone loss and inflammation. Periodontal disease is the common reason of tooth loss among adults. If someone has a chronic lung condition, it might worsen because of the bacteria.  

Dental Caries 

One of the most common infections one will experience is dental caries. This is the primary result of tooth decay. This condition is most common in children under 12 years of age.  

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease 

This disease is commonly developed in school-aged children and toddlers. A virus called “Coxsackie A16” is usually one responsible for such disease. The symptoms could include painful blisters inside the tongue and cheeks, fever, sore throat and many more. The infection could disappear after some days with the necessary treatment.  

Canker Sores 

This disease can be found on the gums and tissues on our mouth. These sores are lesions that form around the areas mentioned. The cause of canker sores are not clearly identified but factors like food hypersensitivity, immune problems, hormones, stress and other infections can trigger such. This disease is common in adolescents and children. This kind of sore heals after 10 days with the right treatment.  


The common cause of thrush is fungus called “candida albicans”. Medical treatments like chemotherapy, antibiotics and radiation can trigger an outbreak of thrush. The signs of thrush are curd-like plaques on inner cheeks, tongue, back of the mouth and palate. People infected with HIV are commonly found with thrush.  

Oral Herpes 

Most adults carry such disease, which is caused by herpes simplex virus. The symptoms that one has such disease are ulcers and blisters on the tongue and gums. Once a person gets infected with such disease, it will have a permanent presence in your body.  

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Versatile Work You Can Expect From A Handyman

Handymen are one of the most skilled and talented professionals, as they can have a keen eye when it comes to fixing almost anything in a household. It is amazing how they seem to have knowledge about everything related to repair of furniture, home appliances, and plumbing issues. They are truly a human swiss knife, as they can fix anything they can get their hands on, and after a few moments will look brand new.  With their wide variety of skill and high-quality of work, you might get the impression that you won’t ever need the services of other professionals like plumbers or carpenters, with the way a handyman can work. Here are a few things from their long list of work they can do for you at home.


Are you experiencing a lot of electrical problems lately? Do your sockets give you no power every time you plug in your chargers or any appliances? No need to call an electrician and pay more than you should, chances are it is just a minor problem that even your friendly neighborhood handy man can fix. They have the proper tools to check which electrical sockets are generating power or not; they can also properly fix the wiring issues that have been hindering your home from getting a consistent flow of electricity.

Not only can they do minor procedures like electrical wiring, but they are skilled and creative enough to handle your entire landscaping. Handy men are often over looked when it comes to their creativity, but when you think about it, it will take a level of craftiness to be able to fix all sorts of things. When it comes to landscaping, you will be surprised with what they can do to your backyard. They can help you plan out the whole blue print of your dream garden, and also execute it to perfection.

The great thing with having a handy man by your side is they seem to have no limits with they can get their hands on, even the most random or odd jobs they can surely repair. Have you ever heard of stone work? Probably not, but this is the repair of walls, floors, and decorations that are made out of stone. The damages are usually seen in cracks, crumbled stone, or broken into pieces; the handymen have a way of bringing these broken to pieces and make it look like nothing ever happened to them.

Another job that you probably haven’t heard is senior home improvements, and basically, they alter the everyday uses in a home and make it easier to use for the elderly.  Some simple examples will be grab handles in the bathroom, levered door knobs, portable shower seats, and much more. Without these unique installations, it can make it difficult for the senior to citizens to be comfortable in their own home.

If you are enticed about getting the services of a handy man, then you can click here and learn how to request one now!

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