The Dos and Don’ts of Bathroom Upgrading

A bathroom remodel which is professionally done will give you years of comfort and pleasure. However, if you are an amateur who wants to do your own bathroom upgrade you better think twice. A bathroom is a tricky space, so an upgrade should be done by a professional who is best in bathroom remodel in Irvine. To keep your project on track, you should set a budget and a plan. When you invest in a home remodeling project, make sure that the result will please you and also adds a home value. The following are the dos and don’ts of bathroom upgrading you should know about.  

Bathroom Upgrading


Budget for the Unexpected 

Before you start on the project, you should write a detailed budget for everything plus some unexpected expenses you might encounter. This is to ensure that whatever problems you might have, you have a budget for it. There are hidden issues like running toilet, leaky shower, spongy floor and other signs of water damage. Include them in your budget.  

Do Not: 

Rush the Process 

No you have ideas of upgrading your bathroom and you are committed to it, do not rush the process. Other people want it done by tomorrow. Poor planning and execution is one of the causes of cost overruns in home remodeling projects. If the project is poorly done because you want to rush it, you might spend twice because of the issues that might arise in the future.  


Hide the Toilet 

When planning for the toilet design, put the toilet in its own room or behind a half wall to hide the fixture away. Your bathroom is going to be stylish and functional and discreet at the same time. A dresser or an armoire is a great piece of furniture that will create a barrier to hide the toilet.  

Do Not: 

Skimp on Skilled Labor 

In this generation, a do-it-yourself approach is done by homeowners to trim the costs. However if you’re an amateur, it’s best for you to focus on the front and back of the upgrade project like handling finish pai8nting, ripping out old tub and other easy tasks. The installation of plumbing and shower system should be done by professionals. If you want to cut some costs, you can hire a general contractor to manage operations done by electricians, plumbers, tile setters and more.  


Provide Adequate Ventilation and Light 

A bathroom is a moist area and moisture breeds mildew and mold which take toll on painted surfaces and finishes. To defend this, a bathroom fan should be installed. If the bathroom space is larger, you will need twice as much as ventilation. You can also consider a humid-sending unit that turns on and off depending on the amount of moisture. For the lighting part, different layers of illumination should be brought into the space.  

Do Not: 

Forget About Storage 

A bathroom space should have storage, like drawers or cabinets where you can grab essentials like towels and shampoo. A simple chest or an armoire can handle the essentials and a medicine cabinet is an option where you can store your first-aid essentials.  

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